key conflict message for create host by Omapi

Clodoaldo de Borba Lambiase clodoaldo at
Thu Oct 22 15:47:05 UTC 2015


I've tested the inclusion of the two different IPs with the same MAC address and It works fine like someone told here before. But, when I try do it by OMAPI protocol I receive the "key conflict" error message.
It seems that DHCP restricts more by OMAPI than via dhcpd.conf.

To solve this I *disabled* the "key conflict" test at the code. My php script already consists the IP/MAC before include by Omapi and I don't worry about incorrect inclusions.

Unfortunately, I think that is not the best way to solve this.
The best way would be apply the same DHCP behavior, during the reading of the dhcp.conf file, to the IP inclusion via OMAPI. 

PS: I need use the same MAC in different subnets because our clients connect notebooks and other devices in many places.


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