Compiling ISC DHCP without bind library.

Venkatesh Siddappa Venkatesh.Siddappa at
Wed Oct 28 14:04:55 UTC 2015

Hi All,
I have limited memory in my box, where I just need the dhcp functionlity (not needed dns or ddns or related anything to DNS and bind => as bind9 memory usage will  be high).
Is their any standard way available in latest dhcp package with compile time flags or any work arounds to not to link bindlib(esapecially libdns.a).
Problem is that all dhcp process(total 6 (clientv4/v6,servev4/v6r,relayv4/v6 taking huge memory in box).

Or please let me know if dhcp and bind are tightly coupled, so no way to saparate easily. (unleass some hacky solutions => non statndard)

Or some thing I am thinking is not a better method for use case of ISC-DHCP.

so please let me know yout thoughts.

Thanks in Advance.


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