Trying to configure Reserved IP but client MAC address not available

David Elliott david.elliott at
Fri Sep 25 20:29:56 UTC 2015

I am trying to use ISC-DHCP version 4.3.1 running on Ubuntu 12.4 to hand
out same IP address to a set of 5-10 VPN clients.  VPN device is Cisco ASA
5520 and I have the DHCP server configured in the ASA tunnel-group and the
network-scope configured in the Group-policy

ASA sends DHCPDISCOVER with MAC Address  from interface on the ASA, but
dhcp-client-identifier= \000cisco-001b.d5e8.eb93-A000140611-Trusted\000
I tried substituting dhcp-client-identifier instead of hardware ethenet in
host statement, as follows,

host test-Elliott-Lenovo-wireless {
          dhcp-client-identifier cisco-001b.15e8.cb93-A0001140611-Trusted;

but that did not work.

1. Any ideas how to assign / match client since to assign  reserved IP when
I cannot determine the client MAC ?

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