Primary / Secundary cluster with synced leases created using omapi

S Carr sjcarr at
Sat Aug 6 20:43:56 UTC 2016

On 6 August 2016 at 21:29, Matt . <yamakasi.014 at> wrote:
> What you say happens, but when I reboot a machine with the secondary
> dhcp server available only it doesn't get the same IP as it did before
> failover....
> You say I should see a refresh of all IP's/Mac as they were assigned
> on the primary ? I need to check but I don't see that  think.

Primary should be syncing the leases to the secondary (and vice-versa)
so both peers have the same MAC to IP mapping for the client. Normally
DHCPD doesn't purge/reuse IP addresses until it needs to, so as long
as you have sufficient IP addresses in the subnet then the client
should get the same IP it had previously.

If it's not then either your client is changing it's MAC address or
something else is causing DHCPD to reuse the lease once the client
releases it on shutdown, so it's not available when it comes back

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