Unknown client alerts and clients not getting IP addresses

Fleming, Tony t.fleming at tcu.edu
Tue Aug 23 14:16:58 UTC 2016

Thank you. I will make the changes and see if that fixes the problem.


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"Fleming, Tony" <t.fleming at tcu.edu> wrote:

> class "Wired" {
>         match hardware;
> }
> class "Wireless" {
>         match hardware;
> }
> shared-network "STUWIRELESS-XXX" {
>         authoritative;
>         subnet netmask {
>                 pool {
>                         allow members of "Wireless";
>                         default-lease-time 3600; #1 hour
>                         max-lease-time 3600;
>                         option ntp-servers X.X.X.X, X.X.X.Y;
>                         option domain-name-servers X.X.X.X, X.X.X.Y;
>                         one-lease-per-client true;
>                         option routers;
>                         deny unknown-clients;
>                         range;
>                 }
>         }
> }
> subclass "Wireless" 44:85:00:2F:81:86; host XXXX.STUDENT.XXX.XXX { 
> hardware ethernet 44:85:00:2F:81:86; }

First, as Niall points out, for your subclass declarations, you need to include the hardware type, so that should be :
subclass "Wireless" 1:44:85:00:2F:81:86;

This is shown in the man page examples for subclass.

Secondly, do you need both the subclass and host declarations ?
I'm not sure whether it includes known|unknown-clients, but general advice is to never mix allow and deny in a pool as the way the mix works isn't intuitive (and I can never remember how it goes !). Certainly, the "allow members of ..." will imply "deny anything not in ..."
If you don't need the host declarations, then it would save a considerable amount of maintenance.

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