Issues with dhcpv6 and ddns updates

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>> Robert,

>> I don't know anything about DDNS updates as I have never used them, but I can
>> confirm that on release {} in DHCPv6 does not seem to have access to any of the
>> option data. I had the same problem and asked the list about it more than a
>> week ago. I was met with silence. If a developer could comment on this being a
>> bug or simply not implemented yet, that would be great. Target for inclusion of
>> option data in on release {} statements?

>>> Hello Robert:
> Sorry for the belated reply, ISC is a small non-profit with limited resources
> and we do what we can. Contributions are always welcome. In order to make
> options available during releases, regardless of whether we're discussing v4 of
> v6, the server would have to execute all of the configuration statements down
> to appropriate scope as is done when granting or renewing leases. The same
> applies to lease expiration processing.

> As to why this has never been added I cannot say, however adding it might have
> unintended consequences. It is something we we would have to examine closely
> and if we were to add, it would be disabled by default, enabled with a run time
> option. If you submit a feature request by emailing [
> mailto:dhcp-suggest at | dhcp-suggest at ] , I will add it to the
> list of items under consideration for inclusion in 4.4.0 release, due sometime
> in 2017 (date is TBD).

> Sincerely,

> Thomas Markwalder

> ISC Software Engineering

I don't think that could be right that options are not available in on release {} in DHCPv4 as a statement like this: 

on release { 

log( error, 

concat( "RELEASED,", 

"ip,", binary-to-ascii (10, 8, ".", leased-address),",", 





produces a line like this: 


in the logs. 

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