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Sat Dec 3 07:56:05 UTC 2016

On 03/12/16 16:59 +1100, Nick Urbanik wrote:
>I would like to provide a different
>option domain-name-servers ....;
>to DHCP clients with particular agent.circuit-id values.
>What is the most appropriate way to do that?
>I could do something like this:
>class "a-particular-agent.circuit-id" {
>    match if option agent.circuit-id = "a-particular-agent.circuit-id";
>    option domain-name-servers,;
>class "another-particular-agent.circuit-id" {
>    match if option agent.circuit-id = "another-particular-agent.circuit-id";
>    option domain-name-servers,;
>Would that work?
>Or can I use group and specify membership of that group somehow if the
>agent.circuit-id has one of a particular set of values?
>The context here is the Australian NBN, and the agent.circuit-id is
>the AVC identifier used to identify the particular subscriber.

Could this work:

group "different-dns" {
    option domain-name-servers,;
    host "host1" { host-identifier option agent.remote-id "a-particular-agent.circuit-id"; }
    host "host2" { host-identifier option agent.remote-id "another-particular-agent.circuit-id"; }

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