difference between DHCPREQUEST sent through rely on rebinding and renewing

Nick Urbanik nick.urbanik at optusnet.com.au
Thu Dec 8 11:25:38 UTC 2016

Dear Folks,

I have been asked what the difference is between the DHCPREQUESTs as
seen through a DHCP relay by the server.

The reason for the question is that the number of instances of
DHCPREQUESTs for clients in the rebinding state are reported to be
about five times higher than the DHCPREQUESTs for the clients in the
renewing state.

That seems so wrong.  So is there a way to distinguish between these
two types of DHCPREQUESTs from the server's point of view?  Or could
this report be correct, and if so, is the DHCP server having trouble,
or could there be a reason for this being true and the DHCP server
working correctly?

Note that the relay is sending both unicast to the DHCP server, as far
as I understand.
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