dhcp-users Digest, Vol 88, Issue 11

Klaus Vink Slott gqv604 at hum.ku.dk
Thu Feb 11 07:07:54 UTC 2016


Just a brief note on you posting on the dhcp-users mailing list. Our 
university uses some kind of Microsoft cloud service for spam filtering 
and Your posting was caught as suspicious.

I have no knowledge on how MS filters work, but I would guess that 
"miracles" followed with several ! is a trigger. You might want to 
rephrase your tagline.

Klaus Vink Slott

University of Copenhagen

Den 10-02-2016 kl. 16:14 skrev David Elliott:
> Thanks Sten for the response.
> Client Id (option 61) is included in the DHCP Discover Packet and I

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> /God still works miracles!!   We strive to provide you the best possible
> support./
> /If I have not provided you the excellent service you deserve, please
> contact my manager, Lynn Goolsby at lynn.goolsby at LifeWay.com or
> 615-277-5892 <tel:615-277-5892>/

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