Different NTP options on peers

matt.southward at gmail.com matt.southward at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 15:41:24 UTC 2016

I have a pair of DHCP servers that specify 2 NTP servers for each pool. The
pool definitions are exactly the same on each peer, and they are set to
split 128. We have recently set up 2 additional NTP servers. I know the
order of the NTP servers listed is in order of preference. Is there a
recommended practice in order for load balancing the clients usage of the
NTP servers? All of the NTP servers are the same strata. Does it make sense
to define different NTP server options on each DHCP server? For example on
DHCP1 use NTP1 and NTP2 and on DHCP2 use NTP3 and NTP4. Or does it make
more sense to set the NTP servers in a round-robin fashion in pool
definitions? For example pool1 defines NTP1, NTP2, NTP3, NTP4, then pool2
defines NTP2, NTP3, NTP4, NTP1, etc...
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