Different NTP options on peers

dave c dhcp at gvtc.drakkar.org
Wed Feb 17 16:07:50 UTC 2016

On 2/17/16 02:15, Simon Hobson wrote:
> matt.southward at gmail.com wrote:
>> Does it make sense to define different NTP server options on each DHCP server? For example on DHCP1 use NTP1 and NTP2 and on DHCP2 use NTP3 and NTP4. Or does it make more sense to set the NTP servers in a round-robin fashion in pool definitions? For example pool1 defines NTP1, NTP2, NTP3, NTP4, then pool2 defines NTP2, NTP3, NTP4, NTP1, etc...
> It probably makes little difference.
> If your intention is to spread the load, then don't list all servers in each instance - as pointed out, NTP will query all of them periodically. But NTP doesn't really load a server up much at all.
> TBH, I run NTP on a couple of machines, and I never notice the load it creates - apart from when they get abused by some scumbag doing a DDoS on someone.

Everyone should check to be sure you have "disable monitor" set in your ntp.conf file or else 
you contribute to the DDoS attacks coming from NTP services around the world.

Dave Calafrancesco

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