Match on suboption of option 43 vendor-encapsulated-options

Bob Harold rharolde at
Fri Feb 26 19:31:49 UTC 2016

I have Cisco cable modems and will soon deploy another vendor's modem that
needs a different set of options, but both use the same
vendor-class-identifier "docsis3.0:", so I want to match on the
"vendor-name" which is suboption 10 in option 43
vendor-encapsulated-options.  To start, I am trying to get DHCP to log the
value, but I am failing somewhere.

Wireshark shows that the REQUEST packet includes:

    Option: (43) Vendor-Specific Information (CableLabs)
        Length: 103
        Option 43 Suboption: (10) Vendor Name
            Length: 5
            Vendor Name: Cisco

I have put this in dhcpd.conf:

log (info, concat( "extra logging vendorID=", pick-first-value( option
vendor-class-identifier, "no-vendor-class-id" ) ) );
set vendor-string = option vendor-class-identifier;
option space docsis;
option docsis.vendor-name code 10 = text;
class "docsis" {
match if option vendor-class-identifier = "docsis3.0:";
vendor-option-space docsis;
log (info, concat( "extra logging vendor-name=", pick-first-value( option
docsis.vendor-name, "no-vendor-name" ) ) );
log (info, concat( "extra vendor-encapsulated-options ", pick-first-value(
binary-to-ascii( 16, 8, ":", vendor-encapsulated-options ), "no-vend-opt" )
) );
log (info, concat( "extra vivso ", pick-first-value( binary-to-ascii( 16,
8, ":", vivso), "no-vivso" ) ) );
class "cisco" {
match if ( ( substring(hardware,1,3) = 08:80:39 ) or
( substring(hardware,1,3) = 10:5f:49 ) or
( substring(hardware,1,3) = 34:bd:fa ) or
( substring(hardware,1,3) = 54:d4:6f ) or
( substring(hardware,1,3) = 68:ee:96 ) or
( substring(hardware,1,3) = e4:48:c7) );
log (info, "extra class cisco" );

But I get this in the log file:

Feb 26 14:13:08 adonis12 dhcpd: extra class cisco
Feb 26 14:13:08 adonis12 dhcpd: extra logging vendor-name=no-vendor-name
Feb 26 14:13:08 adonis12 dhcpd: extra vendor-encapsulated-options
Feb 26 14:13:08 adonis12 dhcpd: extra vivso no-vivso
Feb 26 14:13:08 adonis12 dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for from
54:d4:6f:d0:28:2e via
Feb 26 14:13:08 adonis12 dhcpd: DHCPACK on to
54:d4:6f:d0:28:2e via

Is there something wrong in my log syntax?
Is there any way to turn up DHCP debugging to the point where it tells me
all the fields that it reads from each packet?
Has anyone else matched or logged a suboption of option 43?

I would be glad to post more of the gory details, just let me know what you
want to see.  I was hoping to avoid a really long email.

Bob Harold
University of Michigan
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