Static IPv6 leases and DDNS updates

Bill Shirley Bill at
Sat Jan 9 23:49:00 UTC 2016

I have this happening on my system too and filed a bug report. Here is the response:

On Thu Oct 29 09:04:31 2015, bill at wrote:

> Bug Report from * Name: Bill Shirley * Email: bill at * Software Version: 
> dhcp-server-4.3.2-2.fc22.x86_64 * OS: Linux (Fedora 22) * Subject:man page dhcpd.conf update-static-leases Bug Detail The man 
> pages for dhcpd.conf states that for update-static-leases: This can only work with the interim DNS update scheme Does it not 
> also work for the ddns-update-style standard scheme?

It should work for both schemes. I've tried it and it worked fine in my tests if it doesn't for you please update this ticket.

> ———————- Also update-static-leases does not work for either scheme when using IPv6 fixed-address6: host bigbird { 
> host-identifier option dhcp6.client-id 00:01:00:01:1d:73:5b:05:00:25:22:36:97:f9; fixed-address6 2001:470:e1b8:4::102; }

We haven't added support for DDNS with v6 static leases yet. I'll put it on our list of requests.

> Thanks ---

Thank you for your bug reports, Shawn


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