Startup Script for isc-dhcp-server ipv6

Graham Clinch g.clinch at
Tue Jul 19 21:32:24 UTC 2016

Hi James,

> [...] Currently i'm running
> Debian Wheezy 32bit and the issue i have is isc-dhcp-server6 service
> wont start on boot up (i can manually start the service).  I copied the
> isc-dhcp-server startup config from etc/init.d [...]

It sounds like your init script is ok if you can run 'service 
isc-dhcp-server6 start' manually, so I suspect you're missing the rc.d 
symlinks that are processed on boot.  You can probably use:

update-rc.d isc-dhcp-server6 defaults

to create them using the default run levels listed in the init script.


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