chicken egg problem

richard lucassen mailinglists at
Thu Jun 2 10:04:40 UTC 2016

Hello list,

According to "man dhcpd.conf" i can use *hostnames* as DNS:

option domain-name-servers,;

That's very nice, but can someone explain how the and can be resolved by a new client?

What I initially was looking for is a way to randomly assign multiple
DNS servers to clients. With a simple:

option domain-name-servers,;

the gets all the queries from all clients. Of course I can
assign the nameservers the other way round for some ranges:

option domain-name-servers,;

But I was wondering if it would be feasible to configure such a random
assignment of domain name servers. Of course it is not a show stopper
if it is not feasible, one DNS can handle all queries smoothly.


richard lucassen

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