Setting a host lease time via OMAPI

Julien Semaan jsemaan at
Thu Mar 3 20:47:31 UTC 2016

Hello all,

I am an engineer part of the PacketFence ( team 
which already actively uses the ISC DHCP server.

Due to the nature of our product, we need to have a lease time of 30 
seconds in our DHCP scopes.

What we would like to do, is to be able to make this lease time higher 
for specific hosts dynamically without restarting the DHCP server.

We already integrate with the OMAPI to get the current lease for a MAC 
address, so I thought I would give it a shot for this also.

When I try to create the host with the default-lease-time and 
max-lease-time attributes, it throws an error : can't open object: 
unknown attribute

Now, is it me not using the right names when setting the variables or is 
it that what I am trying to do is impossible ?

Here is a pastebin of my omshell session :

If it is not possible to do this via the OMAPI, is there an alternate 
way to accomplish what we want to do ?

Thanks !

Julien Semaan
jsemaan at   ::  +1 (866) 353-6153 *155
Inverse inc. :: Leaders behind SOGo ( and PacketFence (

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