Setting a host lease time via OMAPI

Julien jsemaan at
Thu Mar 3 21:57:59 UTC 2016

Hi Simon,

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Now, the goal of this is not to affect the current lease but to affect 
future leases.

Maybe a bit of context will help.

We have a network which is used for captive portal registration, when 
you are done registering, you leave this network (through a VLAN change).
The lease time is set to 30 seconds so that the device tries to renew 
its IP in the new network fast (and then fail, and get the proper IP)

Now, some devices connect to the network and stay there for days, months 
without doing anything else than getting DHCP and without trying to 
We would like these devices to have a lease length that is higher than 
the other ones so that it reduces the load on the DHCP server.

This above is determined at runtime since the detection occurs after the 
DHCP server has started, thus the need for it to occur dynamically 
through the OMAPI or another mean.


- Julien

On 16-03-03 04:33 PM, Simon Hobson wrote:
> Julien Semaan <jsemaan at> wrote:
>> Due to the nature of our product, we need to have a lease time of 30 seconds in our DHCP scopes.
>> What we would like to do, is to be able to make this lease time higher for specific hosts dynamically without restarting the DHCP server.
> Will that help ?
> The client will still come back to renew according to the lease length it was originally given, and won't the new lease it's given get reset to the current default lease time configured - or a length requested by the client, and subject to max and min limits ?
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