DHCP leasequery reply for clients with fixed-address

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Mar 16 10:08:13 UTC 2016

Kristian Pedersen <kp at asom-net.dk> wrote:

> All our hosts are added as hosts with fixed-address using OMAPI, so entries in dhcpd.leases look like this:
> host mac5039559852ceip100064048144 {
>  dynamic;
>  hardware ethernet 50:39:55:98:52:ce;
>  fixed-address;
> }
> It seems V. 4.1.1-P1 wont reply to DHCPLEASEQUERY for fixed-addresses:

I suspect this is because there is no lease created for fixed-address hosts - the server just bypasses all the lease logic and just offers the address. You might want to try using reserved leases (set the "reserved" flag on a lease), they go through the lease lifecycle - but just aren't allowed to be reallocated to another host.

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