Ubuntu Isc-Dhcp 4.2.4 and disable IPv6 !

Nicolas C. dhcp at nryc.fr
Thu Mar 17 12:39:55 UTC 2016

Le 16/03/2016 23:05, CpServiceSPb . a écrit :
> I have isc-dhcp-server installed at ubuntu 14.04 x64.
> Its version is 4.2.4
> I have fully disabled IPv6 at OS.
> Also I have "-4" option for dhcp server startup.
> But there is one IPv6 listened address by netstat -anupt.
> Port is dyynamic.
> What is this dynamically defined port intended for ?
> And how is to fully disable IPv6 listening ?


What makes you think that this is caused by the DHCP server? Can you 
give us the output of your "netstat" command? Is the dhcpd service 
listening to an IPv6 address? Maybe a "ps -ef | grep dhcpd" will give us 
a hint.

Try disabling IPv6 by adding "ipv6.disable=1" on the 
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT variable in the /etc/default/grub file, then 
run "update-grub" and reboot. But there's little chance that the DHCP 
server has anything to do with your problem because it is not dual-stack 
: it can operate only for one protocol at the time (DHCPv4 *or* DHCPv6).

Have a nice day,

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