Wrong prefix length is advertised

Juergen Bachsteffel juebac at web.de
Thu Mar 24 06:53:54 UTC 2016


I am running ISC dhcpd Version 4.2.6-7.3 on SLES 12.

I have a very simply IPv6-Config. All other values
are default. I have changed nothing.


subnet6 fda0:65da:e55a:1::/64 {
	range6 fda0:65da:e55a:1::0010 fda0:65da:e55a:1::0100;

My problem is. The clients (Windows 7 and Linux) get a IPv6-Address, but
when I ping between them, nothing happens.


If if type 'ip -6 addr' on Linux, I can see that the prefix length is
/128. Same effect on Windows.

e.g fda0:65da:e55a:1::20/128

Has anyone seen such an effect? Maybe I am doing something wrong.

By the way. If I advertise the same prefix with 'radvd' everything works
as expected. :-)

Any hint may help!

Thank you.


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