peer holds all free leases - ISC DHCPd 4.3.1

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Mar 29 15:43:53 UTC 2016

Prabir Kr Sarkar < at> wrote:

> For a few days now we are getting the following. Can this possibly be due to a failure in syncing of the lease pool information between the DHCP cluster nodes?

> Mar 29 18:20:14 dhcpd: [ID 702911 local1.error]
> DHCPDISCOVER from 5c:xx:xx:xx:7c:72 via *peer holds all free leases*

Does the other server respond ? Does it have any free leases to hand out ?
But more importantly, what is logged in regarding failover and pool balancing ? You may need to go back to when balancing stopped and see what each peers said about failover status.

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