Dynamic Docsis modem configuration files

Tony Peacock tpeacock at zcorum.com
Mon Oct 10 13:13:13 UTC 2016

Has anyone configured dhcpd with any sort of Dynamic Docsis modem 
configuration generation?  Essentially, have a Dhp discover generate a 
Docsis configuration file, to then hand to a Cable Modem.

I'm familiar with the Incognito BCC capability of doing so (pricey 
solution), and I've seen "docsis_server" mentioned (appears to have low 
levels of support), and I've read that the Cisco BAC does this.   I am 
however looking into the possibility of doing this with the ISC Dhcpd 

Is this a problem someone else has solved already?  I've been digging 
through the archives, but no luck so far.


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