Dhclient not sending DHCPDISCOVER after reason=TIMEOUT

Vasanth Ragavendran ragavendra.2007 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 08:01:02 UTC 2016


I am using ISC dhclient 4.3.1 on my debian 8.3 Linux. When the reason
reported by dhclient is TIMEOUT (as there is a valid lease in leases
file), and if the DHCP server is unreachable(from which the last time
the lease was obtained) then the dhclient-script exits with status 2.
The dhclient is not sending DHCPDISCOVER msgs after this. Why is this
However, when the reason reported by dhclient is FAILED, the dhclient
keeps sending DHCPDISCOVER msgs periodically. Note that the timeout
and retry values in dhclient.conf are 8 seconds and 1 second

There can be a scenario where the DHCP server is unreachable now (from
last time when a valid lease was obtained from the DHCP server),
because its down or something, but can be available later. In such a
case, with valid lease in leases file if $reason is TIMEOUT, the
dhclient is not sending DHCPDISCOVER periodically. I am using
ifup/ifdown scripts to manage the network connectivity. Awaiting your

Thanks and Regards,
R. Vasanth Ragavendran.

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