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Victoria Risk vicky at
Mon Oct 31 21:15:28 UTC 2016

Hey guys, I put together a survey for new Kea users. 
My idea is to put the url into the bounceback message for new subscribers to Kea-users.

Take a look and give me your feedback, please.

My goals are (1) to generate some observations we can use in marketing Kea  and (2) to get information about problems we could try to solve with Kea.  This is already probably twice as many goals as you should have for one survey, so if you suggest I add another question, it would be helpful if you would identify which of the existing questions I remove.

It is ok to enter information into the blanks, I can zero out the thing before I advertise it. there is no skip logic (that was a premium feature, I am using the free version of the survey).
Victoria Risk
Internet Systems Consortium
vicky at

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