IPv6 fixed Prefix - Delegation based on USER-CLASS Option

Zeitler, Wolfgang Wolfgang.Zeitler at bayernwerk.de
Fri Sep 9 10:33:07 UTC 2016

Hi there,

currently I want to get a DHCPv6 prefix delegation with a fixed assignment working with a mobile operator.
The CISCO  P-GW is sending me the 3GPP-IMSI as a USER-CLASS:

    Message type: Relay-forw (12)
    Hopcount: 0
    Link address: 2a01:81c::4:2
    Peer address: 2a01:81c::4:1
    Relay Message
        Option: Relay Message (9)
        Length: 88
        Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            Message type: Solicit (1)
            Transaction ID: 0x09c1b4
            Elapsed time
                Option: Elapsed time (8)
                Length: 2
                Value: 0000
                Elapsed time: 0 ms
            Client Identifier
                Option: Client Identifier (1)
                Length: 15
                Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                DUID:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                DUID Type: link-layer address plus time (1)
                Hardware type: Ethernet (1)
                DUID Time: Sep  7, 2046 01:32:22.000000000 Mitteleurop�ische Sommerzeit
                Link-layer address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            User Class
                Option: User Class (15)
                Length: 10
                Value: 00010203040506070809

            Identity Association for Prefix Delegation
                Option: Identity Association for Prefix Delegation (25)
                Length: 41
                Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                IAID: 00000000
                T1: 82800
                T2: 82800
                IA Prefix
                    Option: IA Prefix (26)
                    Length: 25
                    Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                    Preferred lifetime: 165600
                    Valid lifetime: 165600
                    Prefix length: 56
                    Prefix address: 2001:2001:20:200::
        Option: Interface-Id (18)
        Length: 4
        Value: 00000068
        Interface-ID: 00000068

Consequently I was configuring the DHCP - Server as follows:

        host myrouter {
    	host-identifier option user-class "00:01:02:03:04:05:06:07:08:09";
        	fixed-prefix6 2001:2001:20:200::/56;

Unfortunately I got stuck :(!

Could anyone give me an advice?

Thank you in advance

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