isc dhclient not appling alias to interface

Mike the.lists at
Thu Sep 22 17:37:34 UTC 2016

On 9/22/2016 9:41 AM, paranoid.schizophrenic.2 wrote:
> Not to ask stupid questions, but are you sure that you are actually
> executing the right program? It actually takes a bit of work to get
> the isc-dhcp-client package to work.
> OpenBSD's network start up script (netstart) actually invokes
> 'dhclient' which is selected based on the PATH.. In my configuration
> /sbin is listed before /usr/local/sbin. This means that Theo's version
> is automatically selected and the the isc-dhcp-client package version.
> If you have handled that little issue, is ir possible that you
> actually have both versions running? You can get some very interesting
> and unpredictable results by having two separate dhclients attempting
> to manage a single interface.

fwiw, here is how I use the isc-dhclient in my OpenBSD install.

Here is the hostname.em0 file:

!/usr/local/sbin/dhclient -4 --no-pid -cf
/usr/local/etc/dhcp/dhclient4.conf -lf /var/db/dhcp/dhclient4.leases.wan

Note that it is one line that was folded by the email client.

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