First time relayed network

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Apr 5 21:32:55 UTC 2017

Scott Ellentuch <tuctboh at> wrote:

>> As I read it, you are using a DHCP relay agent to get DHCP packets from clients on one network to a server that doesn't have a direct connection to that network ? Is it as simple as that, or is there some other complication ?

> Yes, sorry, simple as that.

So client network <-> relay agent <-> DHCP server

To handle that you just don't need to do anything other than define the subnet(s). If the network (specifically the relay agent) is correctly configured then "it just works" and you definitely don't need any shared networks or address assignment logic.

> A current network comes over eth0, and the relayed network also comes over eth0. I thought they were "doing the right thing" but someone came out for the "local eth0" network and it assigned it in the "relayed eth0" network pool. 

Sorry, I really have no idea what that means !

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