How to avoid multiple DHCP request forward to all Servers?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Apr 7 09:13:36 UTC 2017

priyankrathi <priyankrathi731 at> wrote:

> While observing the packet capture, I found that both the relay agent is
> forwarding the request received from Client1 the server multiple times.
> Similarly, the request from Client2 is also forwarded to the server multiple
> times. 
> My assumption is when a request comes on from Client1 from R:eth1 it
> forwards the packet from R:eth3. As the same time, the second relay which is
> running on R:eth2 and R:eth3 also listens to the packets and try again
> forward it to the server. Request from any for the client gets looped
> between both the relay agents and forwarded multiple times to server.
> Basically, both relay agent starts flooding the network unless the max hop
> count of the packet becomes zero.

Yes, that would probably be the case. Bear in mind that you do NOT need to run multiple relay agents for this, it gains you nothing in terms of functionality, but creates more work and problems like the one you've found.

So I'll repeat the question : what is it that you are trying to achieve that makes you think you need this setup ?

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