DHCP Server running on TAP interface

Sumant Gupta sumantgupta at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 14:46:50 UTC 2017

I have one machine which has eth0 and tap0 interface.
My ISC DHCP server is running  on tap0 interface.

Now I  am creating an application which creates a Dhcpv6 solicit packet
with source ipv6 as my link local address and destination ipv6 address as
multi cast(all Dhcpv6 server and delay agent).

Since I am writing to tap interface I need to add the the source ethernet
adddress and destination ethernet address to my Dhcpv6 packet created
earlier.(since tap devices are layer 2 devices)

My query is that is it possible to add dummy source ethernet address and
destination ethernet as multi cast ethernet address and after that I
concatenate the Dhcpv6 packet.

 Will ISC server running at tap0 interface read the packet and does not
validate the ethernet source address and process the packet and write the
reply back to tap interface where my application is reading the tap
interface will read the entire reply.

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