DHCP Server and Client on same interface

Patrick Trapp ptrapp at nex-tech.com
Tue Aug 22 16:07:14 UTC 2017

It sounds like you want the DHCP server to be getting its address from itself - if that's correct, I have to ask what you are hoping to accomplish, because I'm not creative enough to understand why that would be desirable.

I believe Eugene is assuming that you want the server to obtain an address from a different DHCP server on one interface while providing DHCP service on a second interface.

On Aug 22, 2017, at 10:53 AM, Sumant Gupta <sumantgupta at gmail.com<mailto:sumantgupta at gmail.com>> wrote:

Thanks Eugene for quick response.

I didnt understand the below:
You will need another DHCP server reachable via eth0.

Also i have another query that is it possible to run dhcp server and dhcp client on same machine on same interface tap0?
Also do u have information that does dhcp server validate that source MAC address of in coming dhcp solicit packet?

On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, Eugene Grosbein <eugen at grosbein.net<mailto:eugen at grosbein.net>> wrote:
22.08.2017 22:26, Sumant Gupta wrote:

> Hi,
> My machine has 2 interfaces tap0 and eth0.
> Is it possible to run the dhcp server on tap0 interface and client on eth0.

Of course it is possible, why not? You will need another DHCP server reachable via eth0.

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