Graphing DHCP pools

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Dec 6 20:26:47 UTC 2017

project722 <project722 at> wrote:

> Can someone suggest a good open source NMS that can run on Red Hat/Cent and can then graph this data that it collects?

It's not an NMS itself, but Cacti is good at polling devices by SNMP and graphing the data (using RRD). The key to ease of use with Cacti is to configure templates for data sources and graphs - that way, setting up a new one is a few clicks, fill in the IP and OID, and there's another data source added.
As I read the docs (very briefly), the dhcpd-snmp needs to be configured for each pool - so you still need to so some configuring as you add/delete pools. But with templating it shouldn't be too onerous.

Cacti does take a bit of learning, but it's a good tool when you get into it.

I've also used Nagios for monitoring - and that can collect stats as it polls to device status. So there's another route.

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