Issues in using User Class Option

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Thanks for your response.

The sample mentioned in manual also indicates use of

class "vendor-classes" {
    match option vendor-class-identifier;

However,  when I look out options in DHCPv6 rfc 3315 and also other links I don't find a way to send vendor-class-identifier in solicit packets. In DHCPv4 it is option number 60 but no direct mapping in DHCPv6.  How do I send vendor-class-identifier in DHCPv6 ?

Space issue in line option Test. ADDR::1; was a typo error in mail.

Also is "vendor-classes" in ENCAPSULATED OPTIONS is a keyword or just a sample name used for example?

Saurabh Jain

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I've never seen a class without a 'match' statement.  Are you sure that's valid?:
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
class "Other_mobile" {
    match hardware;
    set member_of = "mobile_device";
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
subclass "Other_mobile"    1:d8:1d:72:41:3c:81;    # Moms-5S

Also when you're using the option statement, there doesn't appear to be a space between
Test.ADDR and ::1;
class "vendor-classes" {
    match option vendor-class-identifier;
subclass "vendor-classes"    "MSFT 5.0" {    # all Windows 2000 DHCP clients
    vendor-option-space Win2k;
    option Win2k.netbios-over-tcpip        0;    # enable

On 12/12/2017 5:33 AM, Jain, Saurabh wrote:
Hi All,

I am having difficulty in using  User class option. I am doing following configuration in the DHCP configuration file  :

option dhcp6.rapid-commit;

Option space Test code width 2 length width 2 hash size 17;
option Test.ADDR code 1 = array of ip6-address;

option Test. ADDR::1;

class "Test-Class" {
vendor-option-space Test;
option Test. ADDR::3;

subclass "Test-Class" "TestsubClass" {
vendor-option-space Test;
option Test. ADDR::2;

In the Solicit packet, I am sending the User class option as per section 22.15 of RFC 3315 (DHCPv6). In the user-class-data field I have included the class name as "TestsubClass", but in reply dhcpv6 server is not sending any user class.   I have tested by sending "Test-Class" also in the user-class data field but server is not responding with the user class details.

Can you please let  me know the correct configuration? And what should be the content of solicit request ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Saurabh Jain


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