long expired DHCPD leases still in dhcpd.leases file

schilling schilling2006 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 21:04:09 UTC 2017

When DHCPD write lease from memory to disk, there is no cleaning done? Or I
am missing a configuration flag for that?

We have one pair of DHCP servers which have been migrated several times to
new pairs over the years. Currently running on RHEL7 with DHCP 4.2.5. We
recently found out that there are a lot of expired leases from several
years ago are still in the lease file. For example, there are about 2
millions leases in the file, but 32K leases have lease ends times in 2014,
2015, and 2016.

We had database out of sync from secondary to primary issue, namely, both
member is claiming the other member is holding all the free leases. It will
get fixed after "faulting the database"
We are suspecting these leases might contribute to the issue.


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