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Endrit Hasaj ehasaj at abcom.al
Fri Dec 15 22:22:16 UTC 2017


If you declare as a global parameter the max lease time, min leas time 
and default lease time even if the end user device may have it's own 
lease time parameter pre-configured, it will obey to the global 
parameter you will set.
I had the same problem with some of my devices but after declaring with 
the same lease time for max,min and default it was fixed.

On 15/12/2017 10:37 PM, Gregory Sloop wrote:
> Log lease time Is there a way to write into the logs the lease time 
> offered/given for each lease?
> Why, you ask? I've got some clients that are getting very short 
> leases, and I'd like to understand why.
> Knowing more detail about what clients are getting for leases would 
> be, I think, helpful in figuring it out.
> I assume it's possible with some level of debug, but it would be 
> helpful to know at what level I'll get this...if at all...
> -Greg
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