Clean up dynamic names

Cuttler, Brian R (HEALTH) brian.cuttler at
Wed Feb 8 16:59:09 UTC 2017

Hello Bind and DHCP users,

Sorry for the post to both lists, but it is a dynamic DNS question and I'm not sure where the answer will come from.

We replaced the network card in a printer, which had been working, we had a DHCP lease, we had created from DHCP a dynamic DNS forward and reverse record for the printer.

The new network card was configured to provide the same HOSTNAME information as the old card, we do this because the printers now carry network names that reflect their inventory tags.

I need the cleanest/best way to remove the old DNS records so that the DHCP server will be able to register the IP information in DNS.

Needless to say the TXT fingerprint information for the two network cards is different, so automatic cleanup, which would say, allow us to rename the printer if needing the same network card, will not work.

I suspect that # nsupdate removing the A, TXT and PTR records is the way to go, but hope for a quicker, less error prone method.

Thanks in advance,

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