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Cuttler, Brian R (HEALTH) brian.cuttler at
Wed Feb 8 21:07:06 UTC 2017


Thank you, the assurance that I'd understood the defaults and that nsupdate was the correct tool was all that was missing.

I executed the update commands and they worked like a charm.

Thank you,

The forward table looks like this

hr16038                 A
                        TXT     "00f8e5793e94da14990f27763448c54a00"
If the first field is shown as blank, it means "same as previous", so "hr16038" in this case.
If the ttl is not shown, it is "same as last $TTL record"  (or taken from 'minimum' field in SOA if no $TTL)
If no class is shown, it is probably "IN", I forget now where it defaults that.
If the first field is not fully qualified, the domain is taken from the last $ORIGIN, or SOA?, or named.conf.
So the records if listed in full would be something like:

hr16038.somedomain.tld.    9999   IN       A
hr16038.somedomain.tld.    9999   IN    TXT     "00f8e5793e94da14990f27763448c54a00"

nsupdate is probably the best tool for removing the old records.

Bob Harold

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