make dhcpd assign two addresses

Eugene M. Zheganin emz at
Tue Feb 14 16:26:18 UTC 2017


I need to assign two IPv6 addresses in my network - one 
private/local-unique and one public to each requesting client. So far 
I'm successful in assigning only one. There's a message from 2010 under 
the subject "
How to config dhcpv6 server to assign multiple subnet address", and the 
reply mentions that the 'shared network {}' clause should be used, and 
two prefix-separated pool should be configured. I did that, but still my 
clients (at least my FreeBSD with dhcp6c) receives only one address. So 
I want to ask - who's opinion is valued the most, and who makes the 
decision about multiple IPv6 addresses ? The client or the assigning 
server ?

I'm using the isc-dhcpd 4.3.4 server and main part of my config looks like:

shared-network foobar {
     limit-addrs-per-ia 2;
     subnet6 fd00::500/120 {
         range6 fd00::500/120;
         option fd00::1;
     subnet6 2a02:XXXX:40::500/120 {
         range6 2a02:XXXX:40::500/120;
         option fd00::1;


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