DHCPv6 - unicast option does not work

Mudric, Dusan (Dusan) dmudric at avaya.com
Fri Feb 17 13:19:04 UTC 2017


I am using ISC DHCPv6 v4.3.5 server. Cannot make the server to send the Server Unicast option. The server didn't include this option in ADVERTISE or REPLY.

I used 
"option dhcp6.unicast 2000::101;"
Based on ISC DHCPV6 options http://www.ipamworldwide.com/ipam/isc-dhcpv6-options.html: 

12	OPTION_UNICAST	dhcp6.unicast	IPv6 address

that should work. 

What do I need to configure on the server, to see the unicast option in ADVERTISE?

Dusan Mudric.

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