Sometimes server / client doesn't honor leasing time

Roberto De Oliveira rcdeoliveira at
Fri Feb 17 15:18:03 UTC 2017

Hello everyone!,

I am writing you because I have a DHCP cluster and sometimes I have a weird
behavior between server / clients, they don't agree on the lease time, I
have this configuration on both servers:
default-lease-time 129600;
max-lease-time 129600;
min-lease-time 129600;

And sometimes I have this on dhcpd.leases:
lease X.X.X.X {
  starts 2 2016/12/27 13:16:56;
  ends 2 2016/12/27 14:16:56;
  tstp 4 2016/12/29 01:46:56;
  tsfp 2 2016/12/27 10:29:38;
  cltt 2 2016/12/27 13:16:56;
  binding state active;
  next binding state expired;
  hardware ethernet f4:09:d8:7a:fd:a5;
  uid "\001\364\011\330z\375\245";
  client-hostname "android-2003cbf0e82ff81d";

The lease ends an hour later despite of tsfp is equal to *-lease-time. What
is happening in this cases?.

Thanks in advanced.

Roberto De Oliveira
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