make dhcpd assign two addresses

Henri Wahl h.wahl at
Thu Feb 23 16:53:55 UTC 2017

> I do not think there is any way to tell a DHCP server to hand out more
> than one IP to a client, or to tell the client to ask for more than one
> IP on a given interface.
> I think you might need to re-design your network.

DHCPv6 allows that a server gives several addresses to clients. Problem
is on the client side where all OS treat this differently. Windows since
Vista takes them, macOS doesn't until today and Linux (or dhclient)
should take them all too meanwhile. I do not know about FreeBSD in this

For us problem was the server side so we wrote our own DHCPv6 server.
See - dhcpy6d serves multiple addresses
to clients for years now in exactly such an ULA/GUA setup.


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