DHCP pair messed up, second one only running cant get primary up.

Drew Derbyshire swhobbit at derbyshire.us
Mon Jan 16 17:14:28 UTC 2017

As an aside ...

The thought of putting recovery state/log files (i.e. the DHCP leases 
file and its backup) on a RAM disk to make top look pretty leaves me 
dismayed. That leaves zero local protection against a system crash (or 
misguided deliberate reboot).

And yes, the server has been running 346 days -- Doesn't matter. 
Services can be five nines reliable, but hardware won't be.

An SSD, or if you prefer multiple SSD units configured as a raid, will 
give you the same order of performance without the premortem fodder.

The machine should be audited for other critical files which are written 
to volatile storage, and moved to the SSD or other storage as well.


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