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Mark Spring mspring at
Thu Jul 20 00:18:00 UTC 2017

I am having some issues with network gear, and while arguing with vendors
about who's problem it really is..I noticed that my device receives a NAK
before it receives the proper IP address from our server(when the gear
comes back online). If I can track this down in the logs then I can look
for the ACK that follows, login to the device and reboot it properly.

I wrote a script to try and tail the log file with bash and I have been
able to pick off the traffic but the buffer when tailing in bash leaves me
with a case where time before the device is handled is indefinite.

I have read about the "on commit" in the config and that doesn't seem to
help, the expiry and other options don't seem to fit my needs either.

I'm not necessarily committed to BASH, it just seemed to be the quickest go
to without a lot of fluff...considered PERL PHP or Python. Don't have a lot
of experience with one particular language, just use what works for each

Let me know where I can fill in blanks!

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