Obtaining an Ethernet address by IP

Nepryakhin Ivan nepryakhin at speechpro.com
Fri Jul 21 14:14:15 UTC 2017

Hy all,

I'm trying to fix the work of dns, the problem is that when the address 
to the host is given a constant, i.e.,
through an indication in the configuration file, when changing the 
machine name or simply not using the
address, there is an entry in the dns, which then interferes with the 
work of some applications, and is
removed from there Only manually. I try to solve the problem by entering 
addresses into the leased file,
through the OMAPI interface, but in order to always know the occupied 
and free addresses, I need to keep
them in mind. But I can not get an IP -> etner correspondence through a 

> new host
obj: host
obj: host
 > set ip-address =
obj: host
ip-address = c0:a8:0c:42
 > open
can't open object: not found
obj: host
ip-address = c0:a8:0c:42

In this case, if I am trying to get I through etner, everything works.

> set hardware-address = 00:50:56:bc:7c
obj: host
ip-address = c0:a8:0c:42
hardware-address = 00:50:56:bc:7c:6c



What could be the problem?


Nepryakhin Ivan

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