Troubleshooting: no free leases

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Fri Jul 21 17:43:59 UTC 2017

Glenn Satchell wrote:

Typically "no free leases" means that it didn't match any classes, so
failed to get an address.

Ok, so it's better "no available leases for this client"

There's no history because until it gets to the
end it doesn't know that it has failed.

I wish there was a mode where it kept track of each decision and could
explain "I had x and rejected y because" for each step :-)

You probably don't have any full pools.


My guess is that looking at all the allow and deny settings you have in
each pool in dhcpd.conf.

This is not necessary, as if you allow one or
more classes, everything else is denied.


This is an area where various optimisations have taken place and could
cause differences between versions.

Right, optimizations can easily change formerly (accidentally) working
things into non working.

So I would suggest removing all the deny lines there, just leave the allow
ones you want.

Thanks. It turns out that the wp and win rules conflicted.

I've removed all the deny rules.
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