Adding via logic multiple devices to a CLASS

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Jun 28 08:48:15 UTC 2017

Tom Priore <tom.priore at> wrote:

> I have a dhcpd.conf file thats getting very hard to manage.  Part of the problem is I'm building alot of classes base on matching MAC address of remote agent IDs.  Is there a way to make a single class that will multiple mac matches?

I suspect that subclasses are what you are after. Not sure from looking at the examples in the man page how it would work with two match clauses (ie substring(option vendor-class-identifier,0,6) != "docsis" and a MAC address) as the examples only show a single match on MAC address. I suspect you might end up with something like :

  match concat ( substring(option vendor-class-identifier,0,6), suffix( option agent.remote-id, 6) )

subclass "MODEMCLIENT" concat("??????", 1:7c:b2:1b:9d:7e:fc) ;

Do you know what the vendor class identifiers are for the devices you are trying to serve (ie the ?????? above) ? I take it you can't just use the agent.remote-id on it's own ?

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