expired lease problem

Bill Shirley bill at c3po.polymerindustries.biz
Tue Nov 14 21:24:10 UTC 2017

Post your pool definition and log file excerpts.


On 11/14/2017 12:07 PM, project722 wrote:
> We had an unusual problem last night where the server was not able to give out any more leases from a specific pool. The 
> server logs showed " no more free leases". This is a RHEL 6.7 server running dhcp 4.1.1.
> We have scripts that run which look for active leases. In the pool in question we had over 200 available leases but the server 
> was unable to provide them to a client. I dug around in dhcpd.leases and found what I think is the problem. I found a ton of 
> leases in the "expired" state with an end date of 11/6. Which, If I am correct, will never move into it next binding state of 
> free so it can be used because its a date in the past.
> Here is an example of one:
> lease {
>   starts 2 2017/11/07 11:40:37;
>   ends 2 2017/11/07 12:10:37;
>   tstp 2 2017/11/14 11:55:37;
>   cltt 2 2017/11/07 11:40:37;
>   binding state expired;
>   next binding state free;
> Am I correct here? If so, what causes this problem and how can I fix it? I have restarted dhcpd, but that does not help. If I 
> were to edit /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases manually and remove these entries what are some things I should take into consideration?
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