ipv6 dhcp server not handing out addresses

robert at spotswood-computer.net robert at spotswood-computer.net
Thu Nov 16 22:35:13 UTC 2017

You might be on to something, but the pool6 idea didn't work either. In
between posts, I installed the kea dhcp6 server. Got a minimal config file
cobbled together (man, it's a mess edit the config compared to the
isc-dhcp-server) and fired it up. Clients got a lease no problem (the
ipconfig /release6, ipconfig /renew6 dance). So 100% it's a server issue,
and 100% not a firewall issue.

That leaves two possibilities:

(1) Something has changed from 4.2.2 to 4.3.5 that requires updating my
config file.
(2) There is a bug in 4.3.5. I noticed you didn't use 4.3.5. Possibly some
regression that was fixed in 4.3.6??? I looked at the release notes and
didn't see anything.

Unless someone spots an error in my config file (and the original works
fine on 4.2.2), I guess I'll have to look at 4.3.6 to see if that fixes
the issue.

== current config ==
efault-lease-time 6048;
max-lease-time 6048;
log-facility local7;
ddns-updates on;
ddns-update-style interim;
update-static-leases on;
#log-facility debug;

subnet6 fd00:220:0:1::/64 {
	pool6 {
		#Range for clients
		range6 fd00:220:0:1::601 fd00:220:0:1::800;
		allow unknown clients;
		allow known clients;
	#Additional options
	option dhcp6.name-servers fd00:220:0:1::40, fd00:220:0:1::50;
	option dhcp6.domain-search "redacted.name";

>> On Nov 16, 2017, at 12:00 PM, robert at spotswood-computer.net wrote:
>> Since no one can find anything obvious, maybe the version I've got has a
>> bug? Anyone using 4.3.5 for ipv6 successfully?
> We used 4.3.4 successfully and now we're using 4.3.6 successfully. Our
> config is different in a couple ways - we use classes and ranges are
> inside pool6 blocks, e.g.
> shared-network Pine-B-net.stanford.edu {
>   subnet6 2607:f6d0:0:13af::/64 {
>     pool6 {
>       allow members of "dhcpv6test";
>       range6 2607:f6d0:0:13af:bad:c0ff:ee:1
> 2607:f6d0:0:13af:bad:c0ff:ee:6e;
>     }
>   }
> }
> Recommend you try pool6.

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