stateless DHCPv6 only, how to get rid of "unable to pick client address"

Marc Haber mh+dhcp-users at
Tue Nov 21 08:25:06 UTC 2017


I am running DHCPv6 on my network to hand out static IPv6 addresses from
a stateless server to a bunch, but not all of my clients.

Here is my configuration:

allow leasequery;
option dhcp6.preference 255;
option dhcp6.rapid-commit;
option 21600;
    "DHCP6-RELAY client-id: ", pick-first-value(binary-to-ascii(16,8,":",v6relay(0, option dhcp6.client-id)),""),
    ", interface-id: ", pick-first-value(v6relay(1, option dhcp6.interface-id),""),
    ", remote-id: ", pick-first-value(v6relay(1, option dhcp6.remote-id),"")
host fan-100 {
        host-identifier option
                dhcp6.client-id 0:2:0:0:ab:11:ba:92:17:ee:7b:0:2d:60;
        fixed-address6 2a01:238:4071:3282::1d:100;
host fan-250 {
        host-identifier option
                dhcp6.client-id 0:2:0:0:ab:11:ba:92:17:ee:7b:0:2d:60;
        fixed-address6 2a01:238:4071:3282::1d:250;
host swivel {
        host-identifier option
                dhcp6.client-id 0:4:11:ab:87:18:a9:e8:8b:b4:cc:26:c3:3f:1e:bb:ef:c0;
        fixed-address6 2a01:238:4071:3282::1f:100;
host drop {
        host-identifier option
                dhcp6.client-id 0:4:4c:22:39:fd:b8:66:98:89:f7:20:a6:c2:51:bc:5d:d9;
        fixed-address6 2a01:238:4071:3282::1c:100;
host oversway {
        host-identifier option
                dhcp6.client-id 0:2:0:0:ab:11:a8:7c:5e:5d:25:dd:92:2e;
        fixed-address6 2a01:238:4071:3281::6b:100;
subnet6 2a01:238:4071:3281::/64 {
subnet6 2a01:238:4071:3282::/64 {

Since the radvd advertises the networks as managed, all clients send
DHCP requests, and the server logs for each of those requests:

Nov 21 08:54:59 chasse dhcpd[763]: Solicit message from fe80::5054:ff:fe17:2fe7 port 546, transaction ID 0x811FA800
Nov 21 08:54:59 chasse dhcpd[763]: DHCP6-RELAY client-id: 0:2:0:0:ab:11:f6:cb:ae:dd:18:d1:73:c1, interface-id: , remote-id:
Nov 21 08:54:59 chasse dhcpd[763]: Unable to pick client address: no IPv6 pools on this shared network
Nov 21 08:54:59 chasse dhcpd[763]: Sending Reply to fe80::5054:ff:fe17:2fe7 port 546

These seriously clutter up my logs, can I tell the server that it should
ignore DHCP solicit messages from clients that it doesn't have static
configuration for? Or is it better to shrug and to have the DHCPv6
server assign a "dynamic" IP address?

Can I somehow tweak radvd's announcement to keep at least the frequency
of those undesired DHCPv6 solicitations down?


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