DHCP failover doesn't receive DHCP requests in secondary server

Anders Löwinger anders at abundo.se
Thu Aug 16 21:42:48 UTC 2018

On 8/16/18 9:21 PM, Bob Harold wrote:
> "split" only affects which server responds *first* to *new* clients.  
> It has no effect when a client renews - they just unicast directly to 
> the server that gave them their lease.  You would have to have a large 
> turnover of clients, or have one server down for a while, to see the 
> effect.

Ok, thanks for the clarification, we did guess it was something similar 
as you described. We did run for about 4 hours with 20000 clients - this 
in a broadband network....

We will probably migrate to Kea and it's redundancy model - seems better 
at least on paper.


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