Option 82 Issues

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We have to do exactly what Christian prescribed. The source network is not controlled by this DHCP system, so the shared network includes only the network statement, no provision to assign addresses. If you are able to carve up that 192.168 range, that should work fine for you.


On Aug 25, 2018, at 7:16 AM, Mike Hammett <isc-dhcp-users at ics-il.net<mailto:isc-dhcp-users at ics-il.net>> wrote:

Long term I can probably move 192.168.120.x into 172.19.50.x.

Short term, I'll see if the shared network will work. There is actually a single 192.168.120.x across all sites and I'm on a project to break them up into a subnet per site (172.19.50.x, 172.19.40.x, etc.). I'll work on a shared network for everything and then "unshare" when I can complete the migration.

Thank you.

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On Fri, 24 Aug 2018, Mike Hammett wrote:
> # Genoa
> subnet netmask {
> authoritative;
> deny unknown-clients;
> }
> include "/etc/dhcp/dhcpd.d/Genoa.mgmt";
> # DSLAMs
> subnet netmask {
> }
> #Genoa.mgmt
> host Genoa_01_01_01 {
> host-identifier option agent.circuit-id "Genoa_01_01 atm 1/DSL1:0.36";
> fixed-address;
> }
> host Genoa_01_01_02 {
> host-identifier option agent.circuit-id "Genoa_01_01 atm 1/DSL2:0.36";
> fixed-address;
> }
> host Genoa_01_01_03 {
> host-identifier option agent.circuit-id "Genoa_01_01 atm 1/DSL3:0.36";
> fixed-address;
> }
> I added the DSLAMs subnet to stop this, " DHCPDISCOVER from d8:b6:b7:ea:8d:44 via unknown network segment", but instead I got this, " DHCPDISCOVER from d8:b6:b7:ea:8d:44 via network no free leases". It isn't supposed to be getting an address in the 192.168 range, but in the 172.19 range. That's why I specified the host file.

your issue is that your request is coming from the range which does not match the range your have cofigured for your hosts.

You have two options depending on your network topology:

1. configure the relay to send from the range.

2. put bot and subnets into a shared network.


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